Look at me getting physical (therapy) NEW VIDEO


The sweet lady doctor advised my kidnapper that this is the period that I will decide to walk or not due to my underdeveloped caboose.  Personally, I do like being carried around.. the ceramic floors are very hard, cold and slippery here.

Couldn’t I have been abducted by someone with nice soft carpet?

The lady doctor said that the pet version of cerebral palsy has me a little extra clumsy, however my personal trainer is giving me some encouraging physical therapy along with a whole lot of love and fun.  Thanks to the hallways of my new home, I have plenty of space to work on my back side.

P.S. I’m quite aware that my earned gold star came from the debris off of drunken New Year’s Eve revelers who polluted the hallways where I exercised.

Working my booty and thighs for the New Year,


3 Commentsto Look at me getting physical (therapy) NEW VIDEO

  1. Leanora Smith says:

    I truly admire what you’re doing for this pup, most people would just give up. You’re giving him a chance, and making his life so much better. I applaud you!

  2. Susan James says:

    You can do this Meatball! You can see how he adores you Tony…such a strong bond is just a few days.
    Keep fighting the good fight Meatball. Xoxo

  3. Carrie says:

    Meatball your getting better and better. Your trainer/kidnapper is an angel for snatching you up!!! Keep it up sweetie ❤️

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