With a little assistance.

IMG_8987-1.JPGHere I am reviewing my trip here to Orlando.  I wish I knew that we were filming because I would have hammed up the emotion more.  No offense.. but my kidnapper is in the movie more than I am!  Remind me to put into my puppy contract.. MORE SCREEN TIME!  and I’m definitely going to need photo approval. “Hey, can you paws this for a second while I go potty on the carpet?”

IMG_8978-0.JPGWell, I certainly didn’t jump up here by myself, however I was fascinated by the giant dog that was perched up where the human sleeps.  So after a couple strategic whines.. I made it way up here only to learn that the big brown doggie doesn’t say much.  IMG_8969-0.JPG

Oh and I also learned that these giant red and black chew toys are .. hmmm.. now how did my kidnapper put it… oh yeah.. “OFF LIMITS”!   I wonder if he meant just this one.  Why would anyone protect something that smells so bad?


Oh, and here I am in my first music video “good morning little puppy”.  Don’t be surprised if my kidnapper doesn’t recycle this song again (or at least until I’m a big dog)


Ok, enough for today.  I’m a little flattered and surprised how friendly the camera was to my face.. so if I can persuade my human to play it again.. I’m going to watch my beginning adventure one more time.

all for now,


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