A Picture and Video Update February 12, 2015


Cute enough for you? Up on the fluffy throw, high atop the forbidden couch.. this little darling doxie is having a wonderful Wednesday. A perfect spot in the sun calls for a well needed yawn. But I have to be careful that I don’t stretch too much because my daddy says, “It just might make you even longer.”


I’ve officially now been in my home for 44 days and in all fairness I took over this joint within hours of the first day.  A cute puppy with a limp and an eating disorder?  Are you serious?

What I’ve learned so far? There are forbidden things that I’m not allowed up on however, if I act cute and adorable enough.. my daddy can’t pass up a photo opportunity.

SCORE ANOTHER ONE for the Puppy Power! I’m not sure how long I can get away with this irresistible act, therefore as long as my daddy’s phone is charged up and I don’t leak and make these things sticky or stinky.. I GOT THIS!

Of course it comes to no surprise that my OWN things shall last forever.  I have toys, beds and blankies that are in TOP condition.  My advice to daddy is just put everything on the floor.  I’ll determine what deems destructible.  And speaking of BLANKIES.  Sweet Meatball lovers Judy, Zac and Coco along with The Smooth Store arranged a beautiful custom blanket to be delivered.  I ADORE IT.. and by “adore it” I mean it will not go through the shredder also known as my razor sharp puppy teeth.


IMG_8580Sometimes I go to my daddy’s daddy’s house and I get to play in the green smelly grass.  Lest we forget that according to my DOGumentary Part1 , I was named after my grandPAW so it’s a treat to share my pee and poo on his grand green lawn.  I live in a concrete castle so it is a puppy pleasure to breathe in the history of who walked this dirt before me.  I also never miss the good fortune to help with the landscaping.  When my daddy combs the green hair of the ground with a big scary rake, then that’s my cue to get my belly tickled by the crunchy brown leaves.

and THAT’S what’s new with MEatball.


IMG_7814 IMG_7813










4 Commentsto A Picture and Video Update February 12, 2015

  1. Dana says:

    I absolutely adore this ️pup! He makes my day every day. And he has come a long way thanks to good people that believe in him and cared for him. My whole fam luvs you Meatball!

  2. Karen Hughes says:

    Love me some Meatball! I so enjoy seeing the progress he is making. Makes me smile everyday!!! He looks so much like my Cooper!!!

  3. Wendy says:

    Meatball you have become a big part of my family! We look for you day and night ❤️. You and your dad are so blessed to have each other to love!

  4. Julie S. Turner Lantz says:

    OMG!!!!! Papa Meatball’s Papa. It’s such a joy, in this world of too much drama, trauma & tragedy, to be a part of such love and growth . . . for both of you!!!! Thanks for sharing the incredible journey you and your “son” are on – lol!!!! – wellllll, Meatball is your furchild so….. The love keeps growing and growing . . . and growing.

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