Chapter one – The Beginning

After weeks of inquiring, negotiations and deposits.. “the kidnapper” (remember this is told through the eyes and floppy ears of a little dachshund – ME!).. regardless…  the human in this video learned hours before boarding a flight that there was something wrong with me.


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“Wrong with me?” hey!  that I love and lick too much?  Well, without many other options or information.. the human in this video set out for an early flight to Atlanta and then an hour car rental ride to Gainesville, Georgia.  You see, his heart was hurting from losing a buddy just like me recently and he believes that I can make it better.


B.F.E. PUPPY! Life at the Chevron in Valdosta

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VALDOSTA, GEORGIA – we're both failing in our potty training due to the endless drive.

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It sure was a long way back to Orlando, Florida.  For a second there I thought a gypsy, a traveling salesman or a carny adopted me.  I don’t know what’s next, but I was relieved that we don’t live in a car.


4 Commentsto Chapter one – The Beginning

  1. Susan James says:

    Watchin through my tears….I am so grateful that “the kidnapper” saved you. Only wonderful things in store for you now Meatball.

  2. Hi Meatball & Kidnapper,

    You two were meant for each other. Lot’s of love to share and lot’s more to go around. We are excited to watch you grow and cheer you on along the way. Wanted to say a BIG thank you to your Kidnapper for adopting you. Bless your hearts. Just started following your journey also on IG.

    Lily Belle, Muffin & Mommy Kim

  3. Carole and cookie.the.weenie from Instagram says:

    Your kidnapper and you are the cutest to watch and read about. So sorry your human lost a sweet furry baby recently but I have no doubt that you’ll make him feel lots better. Be well Meatball and bless you both!

  4. sharon wilson says:

    I am so thankful that you saw a innocent and injured animal and said I will love you and help you…Tony you are awesome ,your video made me cry from start to now!! Meatball and Tony are an inspiration to me and I am sure to anyone else out there :to never give up, if you stumble or are clumsy don’t give up try again. I definitely need to say meatball you are the cutest lil guy , I fell in love with you and your floppy ears–you need to do a children’s book about having a handycap and not letting it stop you!! You to are awesome I love you cutie pie -meatball..sincerely sharon, molly and jojo, lucy

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