My first week report card

IMG_9116I ended my first week of my new life with this little statement of thanks and praise..

A week ago I was someplace that was cold and gray. Because of my disability my mom wasn’t giving me what I needed and my siblings were stronger than I was and they were taking away my chances. It wasn’t sad.. it was all that I knew.

Six days later I have hope. Today I had warm sun on my fur, the smell of green grass filled my nose, sand under my paws, the brightest blue sky above me, food in my belly and love in my heart. My new normal feels pretty darn good.

In fact, from this point on, I’m choosing that instead of calling my personal trainer today my “kidnapper”, I’ll refer to him as I should … my “daddy”. Yes, if this was the last day on Earth…. it sure was pretty awesome. Here’s to many more last days!


In just one week I am walking much better.  Going number two is quite the dilema because of the weight I have to put on my back legs. (no problem going on the soft fuzzy carpet though).  I’m also having food issues because of my early malnutrition but I now have this human feeding me out of the palm of his hand.  (score!)

It’s been a prosperous week of constant back end exercising with my personal trainer.

ONE MORE SET! It’s worth it when my personal trainer says.. “that’s a good Meatball!”

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All in all, it’s been a good week

So let’s celebrate!!.. and you can help me in the celebration by sharing my video below on Facebook (whatever that is) “arf arf!”

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  1. Hey Meatball! We think calling your Kidnapper – Daddy is pawsome!! The name fits him well. We bet every time you squeel “DADDY,” his heart swells with love and pride. We can see you’ve quickly become his Little Man.

    Keep up the hard work little buddy. You’re doing fantastic!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Patty says:

    Ooh Meatball,
    Your new life is going to be so awesome!!
    You are so lucky to have such a great Dad!!
    Gus & Wrigley talk about you every day & ask me to show them your posts & pictures on Instagram
    Have a great day Meatball!
    Love Patty
    IG wienstergram

  3. Cracker and Tyne says:

    Meatball you are the most precious baby boy. You keep working hard buddy. It will all be worth it in the end. We are all rooting for you!

  4. Marilynn Woolfrey says:

    Meatball…… I cannot get enough of you and your pawsome Daddy!!! What a great guy! God showed you to him because he knew he would help you with everything you need. You are so adorable amd I’m so happy Daddy gave you a Facebook page! I’ll be with you all the way!!!!!

  5. I saw this, and thought of the two of you:
    We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love.

    It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person!

    Well, Meatball and Tony – you have changed us; Scarlett, Peanut, Kate and Ted are all about loving the imperfections of each other and the quirks that make us Us! (Two PTSD veterans and their very loveable, loving half-a-dogs high and a dog and a half longer! We are “tweenies”.

  6. We watch your videos every night before going to bed. Scarlett likes to sleep on the love seat in my art/computer room and Peanut prefers to sleep between Ted and I in the middle of the bed – of course WE sleep head at the headboard, feet at the foot board – Peanut prefers to sleep side to side. She puts her head under my chin and pushes up when SHE decides that enough sleeping has gone on.

    I am so impressed by the commitment and love that you give to Meatball – as the saying goes “somebody done raised you right!”

    I make coats and hats for my little ‘tweenies’ – is there a PO box to make and send one for Meatball? I would love to send something back – for all the laughs and “ahhhs” that we emit while watching the two of you (and the go-pro) together on your journey. I had Scarlett as a baby – 13 years ago – I forget how incredibly full of energy they are – we are in our 60’s and the four of us take lots of naps in the sun (with sunscreen) and fall asleep with Peanut on top of my book I’m reading at night.

    Thank you for being such a compassionate being AND having a compassionate caretaker in Tony and his family!

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