December, 2014


I can deal with the fashion – just not the crate.

I might be little, however I’ve managed to make my puppet.. oops… I mean my human adapt to my routine.  I more than likely came from a crate that I could barely turn around in.. however now I have no intention in returning. A video posted by Here comes MEATBALL!Read More

With a little assistance.

Here I am reviewing my trip here to Orlando.  I wish I knew that we were filming because I would have hammed up the emotion more.  No offense.. but my kidnapper is in the movie more than I am!  Remind me to put into my puppy contract.. MORE SCREEN TIME!Read More

Chapter one – The Beginning

After weeks of inquiring, negotiations and deposits.. “the kidnapper” (remember this is told through the eyes and floppy ears of a little dachshund – ME!).. regardless…  the human in this video learned hours before boarding a flight that there was something wrong with me. INTRODUCING MEATBALL A video posted byRead More

Rescued baby.

I’m a slightly underdeveloped angel who has a little difficulty flapping my wings due to cerebral hypoplasia. Ready for my adventure? My recent kidnapper knew something was wrong with me however he traveled 300 miles to provide me a quality better life. Right now, I don’t walk too good.. IRead More