cerebral hypoplasia


MEATBALL a DOGumentary part2

The conclusion and final part of the emotional surprises of Meatball the piebald black and tan dachshund with cerebral hypoplasia. Part2 continues where the first chapter left off with encouraging the slightly disabled dachshund to walk while preparing for a comprehensive veterinarian visit. Wore out from the tears and emotion?Read More

MEATBALL a ‘DOGumentary’ part1

Here it is.  My very first installment of MEATBALL – a dogumentary, part one.  A 15 minute serious look into the world around me.  My daddy is mostly in this, however it’s really all about me.   I’m really excited about my debut since my basic need is to please..Read More

I’m a salty dog! Beach sand and hill therapy (VIDEO)

My most observant encouragers tell me that I’m walking better since last week.  Six days later and I’m taking the New Smyrna Beach white sand hill challenge.  After a grueling trot through the soft sand that makes my legs push harder, my personal trainer had me crawl up a giantRead More

Look at me getting physical (therapy) NEW VIDEO

  The sweet lady doctor advised my kidnapper that this is the period that I will decide to walk or not due to my underdeveloped caboose.  Personally, I do like being carried around.. the ceramic floors are very hard, cold and slippery here. Couldn’t I have been abducted by someone with nice softRead More

Rescued baby.

I’m a slightly underdeveloped angel who has a little difficulty flapping my wings due to cerebral hypoplasia. Ready for my adventure? My recent kidnapper knew something was wrong with me however he traveled 300 miles to provide me a quality better life. Right now, I don’t walk too good.. IRead More