A Picture and Video Update February 12, 2015

  Cute enough for you? Up on the fluffy throw, high atop the forbidden couch.. this little darling doxie is having a wonderful Wednesday. A perfect spot in the sun calls for a well needed yawn. But I have to be careful that I don’t stretch too much because my daddy says,Read More

MEATBALL a ‘DOGumentary’ part1

Here it is.  My very first installment of MEATBALL – a dogumentary, part one.  A 15 minute serious look into the world around me.  My daddy is mostly in this, however it’s really all about me.   I’m really excited about my debut since my basic need is to please..Read More

My perfected puppy performance! (video)

I’m 9 weeks old today and last week I was a little under nourished along with having some serious walking and balance issues.  Well, if you have been following my progress you can see that my personal trainer has been really kicking my puppy butt to help me build strength butRead More

My first week report card

I ended my first week of my new life with this little statement of thanks and praise.. IF TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY.  A week ago I was someplace that was cold and gray. Because of my disability my mom wasn’t giving me what I needed and my siblings wereRead More