I’m a salty dog! Beach sand and hill therapy (VIDEO)

My most observant encouragers tell me that I’m walking better since last week.  Six days later and I’m taking the New Smyrna Beach white sand hill challenge.  After a grueling trot through the soft sand that makes my legs push harder, my personal trainer had me crawl up a giantRead More

Look at me getting physical (therapy) NEW VIDEO

  The sweet lady doctor advised my kidnapper that this is the period that I will decide to walk or not due to my underdeveloped caboose.  Personally, I do like being carried around.. the ceramic floors are very hard, cold and slippery here. Couldn’t I have been abducted by someone with nice softRead More

I can deal with the fashion – just not the crate.

I might be little, however I’ve managed to make my puppet.. oops… I mean my human adapt to my routine.  I more than likely came from a crate that I could barely turn around in.. however now I have no intention in returning. A video posted by Here comes MEATBALL!Read More